About Us

Jim Damele, Guitar & Vocals


 Jim has played in several bands in California and Nevada. While guitar  is his main instrument, he also plays mandolin, fiddle, Tenor guitar and  tenor banjo. He has played folk, country, bluegrass, old time fiddle,  blues and rock. Originally from Oakland, CA, he grew up in the San  Francisco Bay Area during the “summer of love” in the 60’s. Those years  have influenced his style of play and his appreciation for that type of  music.  

Melanie Spector, Guitar & Vocals


 Melanie got her first guitar at the age of 14 and began performing in the Chicago area. Growing up, she was influenced by 60’s and 70’s folk and folk rock greats. In the 1980’s, Melanie performed in southern Kansas with the band, Dusty Rose, which played Bluegrass, Country, and Folk. A singer/songwriter, Melanie also performed for several years in the Chicago area and Wisconsin before relocating to Las Vegas in 2012. Melanie has a CD entitled Finally! available at CDBaby.com. 

James Schuppel, Bass, Guitar & Vocals


Since 1968, Jimmy has played with several bands in New York, Arizona, Las Vegas and Washington State before relocating back to Las Vegas in 2011. He is a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter and likes to improvise. He has recorded tracks on Katrina Caruso’s (No Ordinary Girl) CD and Chris Bell’s new CD (Bell County Line) in the Las Vegas Valley.